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Should Flowers Be Red? – Revisiting Adult Coloring Books

A while back I asked the question “Are Adult Coloring Books Really Necessary?” because I had seen so many of them in stores and was trying to figure out if I should get one. However, I found that I did not like the designs I saw and therefore assumed that adult coloring books were not for me.

This past December, I decided to give them a try though and even bought some for my mom because she wanted one. I have since discovered what it is that I did not like about them. I like my coloring books to be more realistic so all the animal designs made up of flowers were not something I wanted. The designs I see within them tend to be rainbow colored and crazy, which goes against my desire to be realistic in my designs and coloring.

You see, I have unconsciously fallen into the trap of “flowers are red”.

“What is that?” you may ask. Well check out the video and pay attention to the lyrics.

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General Update

Why Do We Blog?

Can someone forget how to blog? If so, I’m pretty sure that’s where I am. Holidays always have this ability to mess with my schedule. I kept meaning to come here and say I’m on a break, but then I figured it wasn’t necessary since I was planning on returning shortly after I would have posted about it.

Obviously, that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I’ve been suffering from a strange type of writer’s block that occurs whenever I turn on the computer and try to write anything. It’s like I have all these ideas for things to write about until my fingers find the keyboard. Then, all those ideas evaporate, and I’m left with nothing.

It’s frustrating and not something limited to only my blogging.

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