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Why You Should Never Say “I Can’t”

It’s often easier to say that we can’t do something. It may stem from our fear of failure or our lack of self confidence. Perhaps it’s other people leading us to believe that we are not good enough for one reason or another.

However, by not trying that thing you’ve always wanted to because of these fears is only hurting yourself. No one knows their chances of success going into a new task. For instance, I may think by writing this post that I’ll publish it, but for all I know the power could go out or WordPress officials could decide to pull the plug on WordPress and leave my blog homeless and all.

We never know what will happen, yet we try many things throughout the day. Sometimes though we don’t.

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How I Adapted the Bullet Journal for My Lifestyle

I’ve always had this desire to be more organized, and I’ve always loved pens and planners. However, I’ve noticed an unpleasant trend over the years.

I buy a planner, use it for a couple days (and sometimes don’t use it at all!), and then I stop. No planner has ever felt right.

I get distracted by the pretty colors and designs and tell myself that I’ll use it. Then, I get frustrated knowing I spent the money for nothing.

There was one planner I used thoroughly in the past that I wanted to recreate. The question though was how. As I tried to figure it out, I stumbled upon the Bullet Journal. My life is much more organized now that I have a planner I like to use.

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