Short Stories

The Celebration – Fiction

Word Count: 1569
Prompt: Darkness
Constructive criticism is always welcomed!

Raveek tried not to show his impatience as his younger sister, Lareen, looked at herself in the mirror. She brushed her hair yet again and pursed her lips.

“You look fine,” he told her.

“Today is a big deal. I want to look better than fine,” she countered. She put on more makeup and then appeared to take it off with a small rag.

He sighed and sat down her bed. Today may have taken him an extra five minutes to get ready. Maybe. “We’re going to be late at this rate. You look beautiful without the makeup. If you look any more beautiful, people will think you’re a goddess.”

She smiled at him in the mirror. “Won’t you make your future wife happy?”

“Yes, yes, now can we go?”

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