Short Stories

Insomnia – Fiction

Word Count: 1226 (1256 if you count the “disclaimer” lol)

Prompt: ‘Say the Word’ – “Rick struggles to cope.” @ Brigit’s Flame

Rick could feel the predator staring at him in the darkness. He wasn’t sure where the monster was, but he knew it was stalking him. He had been trying to fall asleep when he felt its presence, and now he was worried about moving in fear of provoking the beast into sinking its teeth in his vulnerable flesh.

What was he going to do?

He looked at his girlfriend sleeping beside him. He envied her ignorance to the lurking danger. He was so exhausted – if only the monster would kill him instead of toying with him like this night after night. How long had it been since he had a full night’s sleep?

He shifted his leg to get more comfortable and instantly regretted it. The sharp pain from teeth piercing his leg made him jump up from the bed.

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