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Should Flowers Be Red? – Revisiting Adult Coloring Books

A while back I asked the question “Are Adult Coloring Books Really Necessary?” because I had seen so many of them in stores and was trying to figure out if I should get one. However, I found that I did not like the designs I saw and therefore assumed that adult coloring books were not for me.

This past December, I decided to give them a try though and even bought some for my mom because she wanted one. I have since discovered what it is that I did not like about them. I like my coloring books to be more realistic so all the animal designs made up of flowers were not something I wanted. The designs I see within them tend to be rainbow colored and crazy, which goes against my desire to be realistic in my designs and coloring.

You see, I have unconsciously fallen into the trap of “flowers are red”.

“What is that?” you may ask. Well check out the video and pay attention to the lyrics.

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